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New Review for Just Your Everyday People

Autographed copies of the Yager's books available through Book Clearing House (toll-free 1-800-431-1579) for no additional charge.

Fred and Jan Yager

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Fred Yager is a television executive and screenwriter. For 13 years, he was a reporter for the Associated Press (AP), including 4 years as entertainment writer and film critic.

Jan Yager, who has a doctorate in sociology and a masters in criminal justice, is the author of VICTIMS (Scribner's, 1978). A former assistant professor at NY Institute of Technology, she has also taught criminal justice courses at Temple University and The New School for Social Research.

The Yagers live in Connecticut with their two sons.

Books by Fred and Jan Yager:

Untimely Death

Hannacroix Creek Books

ISBN 1-889262-01-3

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Just Your Everyday People

Hannacroix Creek Books

ISBN 1-889262-17-x

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REX (by Fred Yager)

ISBN 1-889262-81-1
1889262889 hardcover

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"This book
will be enjoyed as a fun read, especially for reluctant readers..." --Library Journal

"Wow, what a page turner!" --Julie Fitch, librarian

"...takes our fascination with dinosaurs to a new level..." --Lelia Taylor, bookstore co-owner

Murder and Mayhem Book Club Review

"In their first novel, husband-and-wife authors Fred and Jan Yager achieve the literary equivalent of a rookie who hammers a home-run in his first big-league at-bat...The Yagers have written a winner." --Associated Press

"Fine book. A fascinating piece of work." -- Andrew M. Greeley, author of WAGES OF SIN

"A tightly plotted, tautly written novel that smacks of authenticity. The authors know the subject, and the reader feels almost as if this is a true account and not fiction. The violence and its aftermath are presented in a way that strikes home. The Yagers are well worth reading." -- John Lutz, author of SINGLE WHITE FEMALE

"I enjoyed every word of UNTIMELY DEATH. I couldn't wait to turn the pages as the characters came alive in their search for the killer." -- Lucy Freeman, author of FIGHT AGAINST FEARS, past president, Mystery Writers of America

"A fascinating and unique story line." -- Brad Fairchild, author of BLEEDOUT

"JUST YOUR EVERYDAY PEOPLE isn't your everyday read. It's a sneaky little thriller that explores the underside of suburban life in a way that contrasts the mundane with the horrible. Populated with very real and familiar characters, the novel will make you see in a different way the people you pass in the mall or who stand next to you in the supermarket checkout line. A walk on the dark side." --John Lutz, best-selling novelist, SINGLE WHITE FEMALE

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